Thursday, July 1, 2010

another firing!

Last week I did some work getting ready for the firing Ryan is doing today, mostly cleaning the dust off the pieces (they've been sitting on the shelf for a while), putting underglaze in my signatures, and waxing them.  I also painted the little test cup you can see at the bottom, to see how the black underglaze looks under a couple of Ryans glazes.

All my stuff glazed, and a couple of ethans pieces in the back.  All I'm using this time is a blue glaze and Ryan's green/orange/black.  All of these pieces are wadded and ready to salt-fire!

Ethan spent around three hours painting his little pot with underglazes :P  He is as anal as me sometimes...

Lastly, a dog of course.  My family went fishing on the bay in MA, and there was a boat dog!  Half wolf and half german shepard, 'pal' was a super sweet and beautiful dog.

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