Friday, December 17, 2010

Nesting bowls + handles = non-nesting bowls

Before I put the handles on, the bowls actually nested! This is the first time I've ever made a set like this, and I am super happy with these!

Of course, once I put the handles on, they can't nest any more :( but maybe I can still set them inside each other?  Anyways, I think my Grandma will love these, especially once I paint them (I'm leaning towards a daisy design).

Also got the vases trimmed. I think I will carve a couple of these and paint the other two.  I've been cramming to try and get some of these projects done before Christmas; I'm going to try out a high fire electric glazing, expect to see those next week.

Monday, December 6, 2010

Vases and the last mixing bowl

Doing some vases for a coworker's request.  These were kind of a pain, I am still having some issues with the clay getting a little off center while opening, and this become much more pronounced with tall thin objects :P  But they came out alright. I will probably throw a couple more wed or thur. 

Also got the third bowl done for my Grandma's christmas present!  This one doesn't match quite as well... it's a little bit too short, but I think they will look nice anyways.  Plus, they wont be able to nest because of the handles I'm going to put on them, so it won't be as noticable :P

Still dealing with my back pain, which is extremely frustrating.  I can throw without too much trouble, but doing it for more than a couple hours makes me kind of achey.  Today the physical therapist basically told me to expect this to last for a while, like wearing my brace for the next year.  I am not really looking forwards to that...

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Painted pots, christmas gifts

I got a couple more things painted with underglaze last week, including this pretty little plate!  I am very happy with the way this turned out; I like the plate itself (I plan on making more with this wide rim that is so very paintable), and the design is great!  I am trying so hard to not use stripes too much, and I even noticed that most of the things I sold during EAST were more complicated patterns like this one.  So I will make an effort :P

Also got this teapot done, I am very happy with the petal shapes (a million times easier to paint curved lines than to carve them), but I'm not positive I like the spout.  I'm going to leave it that way and see how it looks complete! I think it is a little overwhelming right now, but I'm hoping once I get a colored glaze on it the piece will be balanced out a bit.

Also working on some last minute Christmas gifts! My grandma mentioned a while ago that she used to have a mixing bowl with a spout and a handle and requested I make her one, so I am going to try for my first ever set of nesting bowls.  We shall see how that turns out, I'm not sure if I can get it to work with the handles, but I will try :)  These bowls and the pitchers reminded me how much I hate making pulled spouts. They are no fun.