Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Featured Artist: Jake Johnson

My featured artist #2 is Jake Johnson, another one of my favorite Etsy artists.  Jake is a potter working in Bellefonte, PA, and according to his Etsy profile, "My work is mostly functional. I love making pieces that are unique and also affordable for lots of people. I try to give my work a sense of character and personality."
I loved Jake's work as soon as I saw it.  The pieces are beautifully crafted, with a strong attention to detail in the forms and their surface treatment.  Though all of his pieces are wonderful, my favorite thing about his store is the number of sets.  I really enjoy well crafted sets, they have a different feel and function than individual pieces, and it is an extra challenge to get all of the part to work together as a whole piece.
I think one of the most important factors that adds to the visual and tactile appeal of these pieces is the sense of life and movement they have (though in a very different manner than our last featured artist, Natalya Sots).  The slight variations between items in a set, or subtle tilts and irregularities of pieces, and in particular the way many of the trays are swept up to cradle the pieces they hold, all of these factors add to their organic quality.

 To see more items for sale, visit Jakes Etsy page, and for more information about the artist and images ofhis work, please visit his website!

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