Monday, November 29, 2010

New pots on Etsy; Holiday specials!

Thanksgiving is over, and now everyone is looking forwards to the upcoming holidays! I just posted a bunch of new pots on Etsy, and as a holiday special, I am giving any blog fans a 10% discount on their next purchase! Just enter the coupon code "FAITHFULBLOGFAN" at checkout. In addition, purchase anything before Jan 1st, and you will receive a coupon code for a 15% discount on purchases made after Jan 1, 2011.  Enjoy!

Also got one of the pitchers carved! I'm really happy with the way this guy turned out :)

E.A.S.T. week 2

The second weekend of EAST went well, though it was a little slower than the first.  I had a great time hanging out with all the artists and visitors, and I sold a few more pieces!  All together it was a great experience, and maybe next year I will cough up the  $100 and officially take part :)

Thursday, November 18, 2010

EAST week 1, pitchers

The first weekend of EAST went great! I sold some pieces, and had a lot of people interested in my work, which was super exciting :)  This is my set up, I took some nicer pictures with my real camera, I'll post those after this coming weekend.  If you want to stop by, my stuff will be in the studio both days, and I should be there 3-6 sat and all day sun.

Also finally got some handles on those pitchers!  I plan on carving some and painting some.

Friday, November 12, 2010

East Austin Studio Tour TOMORROW!!

Come see me and my beautiful pottery!! :D  E.A.S.T. starts tomorrow, and I will be at Ryans studio on 2710 E Cesar Chavez from 11am-6pm and from 3pm-6pm on Sunday.  I am super excited! I will post photos of the event tomorrow :)

And because its a photo blog, and it needs pictures, here is Peanut Butter.  She is curious about my phone..

Friday, November 5, 2010

More pitchers, and a working fountain!

I made two more pitchers!  I like the way these guys turned out, but I think I like my little pot-bellied ones a bit better.  They have so much personality :)

I am actually very happy with these; I had trouble throwing all four (with the back problems and general business I've been throwing very sporadically), and I was very happy to end up with good looking pots!  I guess thats what really shows my progress, I still have problems throwing sometimes (mostly its been problems with things getting slightly off center as I am opening and doing the first few pulls), but I am getting better at working through issues and managing to come out with a pot rather than having it collapse on me :D

Lastly, I finaly finished this project from October of 09!  I was taking a class at Clayways, and our instructor Kelly was showing us how to make a simple fountain.  I threw and carved this guy and got it bisqued, but I wanted to salt-fire it, and its been waiting to get fired at Ryans for almost a year!  Today I went to Armadillo and bought the pump, and put it all together.  This is super exciting for me, I've never assembled any sort  of working device before, no laps, clocks, or even a soap pump.  My cats love it; I'm not sure if they will let me sell their wonderful new drinking fountain.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Finished pots!

Here are my fired pots!! This was an exciting firing; it had some new stuff (like the painted cups, these are the first painted pieces I've gotten completely fired), and some stuff that had been waiting a long time to get fired (the bottles and jugs).  I am super happy with the way everything turned out!  The more I see of the blue glaze, the more I like it.  I think next firing I will also try some with a flashing slip on them, maybe with the carved out portions to contrast the slip? We will see.  Expect to see these on Etsy in a few weeks; I'm going to wait to post them until after EAST, as I am hoping some of them will be bought!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010


I have a coworker that wants me to make a pitcher for her, and I haven't done anything like that in a while, so I decided to make a few.  I just got around to making 2 yesterday (I need to buy more clay, and my back was bugging me), but I plan on making at least a couple more.  I am trying really hard to make a minimum of 4-6 of anything I make; I think its a good exercise, and gives me more product to sell!  I particularly like this guy, hes short and got a potbelly :)

This one I was trying to make taller and more slender, but it ended up kind of potbellied too :P I should try to make one that is top heavy instead of bottom heavy, but at least the bottom heavy ones balance out nicely with their handles.  And I like the character the bellies give them :)  This one was also being difficult, the clay was soft (and I am not throwing enough) and it was being a little difficult to control. 

As was this guy... he didn't turn out so well.  I also had another coworker who requested a vase, and I was going for one with a little belly at the bottom and then a more slender neck, but it wasnt working out, and I kept pushing at it anddd... he didnt like that.  I kept it, because its still kind of interesting, but I'm guessing I might get some cracking where it pushed down.  We will see.

Lastly, I finally got a ton of stuff fired this weekend! I will take some nice pictures soon and post them :)