Sunday, January 23, 2011


Mugs! Or they will be; for now they are just cylinders.   Mugs are wonderful and easy to throw, but next week I get to pull a ton of handles :P

While Ethan was home for the Christmas break he brought his girlfriend Ciara to the studio and they threw a couple things.  The little short cylinder was Ciaras first pot ever!  Ethan threw the little vase and the jar. 

Sketchbook page! The first in a while I know :)  Several of these have already shown up in earlier posts.

And some design ideas for the mugs once they are all assembled.  I will probably carve some of these, but I am really enjoying painting my bisqued pieces and will probably focus on that (in part because I think I threw most of the cylinders a little too thin to carve).

Birthday kitty taking a nap.

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