Friday, January 14, 2011

Painted pots, native american designs

I got a couple more pieces painted this week! I think many of my designs have already been unconciously drawing from native american pot designs (like the stair step one), but with these two I actively looked at designs to find new geometric elements to use in my designs.  I am really happy with the way these two turned out, especially the pitcher.

The vase turned out well too, but I didn't think the design was quite as exciting.  I should be getting back into the studio soon, after this rediculously long break, so expect to see some new stuff!  I am considering applying to be in an art festival in Sunset Valley, so if I want to go for that I really need to make a lot in the next couple months to get a decent amount of stock.  I also need to get started on my friends wedding vases, though I have until June to finish those.

In much more boring news, I went and got my sales tax permit yesterday!  Now I really feel like a real business :)

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