Wednesday, April 6, 2011

fun with textures

Yes I am still throwing stuff every once in a while :)  I have been dealing with a finger that is swollen and painful (Dr says the joint is infected) for almost a month now, and I didn't really want to even try throwing with it!  But the antibiotics seem to be working, and the finger has been feeling better, so I tried some small stuff today.  And teabowls are my favorites.   I tried out a texture tool that I got at NCECA to make the stripes on some of the bowls. 

I like the way they look right now, though I had to restrain myself from trying to clean up the lines :)  I'm going to make myself leave them alone until they are pretty dry.  The unlined ones I am planning on carving, but only the tops, and for both sets I want to glaze the textured parts and leave the bottoms white.

 Lastly, we haven't had any animals lately, and DeeDee wanted some face time :)

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