Monday, August 1, 2011

Earrings and Pendants

I know I promised an update weeks ago, but again, I've been super busy!  The last three weeks I've been teaching and assisting kids camps at Clayways every day, in addition to doing some project Clayplay stuff and of course glazing/loading/unloading etc.  I have been doing some work on my earrings and such at home.  Mostly I am painting designs on them in underglaze; some I plan on soda-firing with Ryans glazes, and some I'm going to use multiple colors of underglaze with a clear top coat and gas-fire at Clayways.  Hopefully I will have some finished pieces doen in the next few weeks!  I've already bought all the hooks and such to assemble them!

I am also working on a comission for some pendants, these I am carving.  I am really excited with how they are turing out, so I may try my hand at carving some earrings, though I may need smaller tools :P  I also have bought a number of new cookie cutters for earrings, including a cool little set of shapes, some of which I am trying out now. 

I will be going on vacation for two weeks starting this Sunday, but I will try to squeeze in another post before I go; I will hopefully have some of these new shapes painted by then :)


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