Sunday, September 11, 2011

Earrings on Etsy

I finally have posted my earrings on Etsy!! I am very excited to have these finished products; there are a couple more I am experiementing with gas-firing (as opposed to soda-fired as all the ones currently on Etsy are) that I should also be posting soon.  I also have a bunch that are not painted yet that I will eventually get around to finishing up.

Things, as always, have been crazy, and I am about to start teaching Clayplay afterschool classes twice a week, which is exciting, but also means less time for my own work.  I think I just need to make sure to actually schedule my own work time, instead of trying to squeeze it in when I happen to have an hour or two to myself.  I've got to get my priorities straight, especially since I am planning on applying to grad school soon, I need to have some good work for my portfolio!


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