Monday, January 31, 2011

Assembled mugs

As promised, pictures of the assembled mugs! With very dramatic shadows :)

Close up of the handles. I couldnt decided exactly how I wanted them to look, so I tried out two different versions; there is a smooth curve (like the one on the left), and one that squares off a bit at the bottom (the two on the right).  I still haven't decided which I like better, I'll have to wait and see what they look like finished.

I spent most of yesterday afternoon sanding lots of Ryans pots!  I especially love the plate set (plus they were the easiest to sand :P)

Friday, January 28, 2011

Millions of mugs!

Well not millions, but it sure felt like it when I was pulling all the handles :P  I did get them all done yesterday, but I wrapped them up before I remembered to take a picture, so thats for next time.  I'm excited to start decorating these!

This time birthday kitty was napping in a crate of newspaper.  She seemed to like the rustling noise it made when she changed positions.

Sunday, January 23, 2011


Mugs! Or they will be; for now they are just cylinders.   Mugs are wonderful and easy to throw, but next week I get to pull a ton of handles :P

While Ethan was home for the Christmas break he brought his girlfriend Ciara to the studio and they threw a couple things.  The little short cylinder was Ciaras first pot ever!  Ethan threw the little vase and the jar. 

Sketchbook page! The first in a while I know :)  Several of these have already shown up in earlier posts.

And some design ideas for the mugs once they are all assembled.  I will probably carve some of these, but I am really enjoying painting my bisqued pieces and will probably focus on that (in part because I think I threw most of the cylinders a little too thin to carve).

Birthday kitty taking a nap.

Friday, January 14, 2011

Painted pots, native american designs

I got a couple more pieces painted this week! I think many of my designs have already been unconciously drawing from native american pot designs (like the stair step one), but with these two I actively looked at designs to find new geometric elements to use in my designs.  I am really happy with the way these two turned out, especially the pitcher.

The vase turned out well too, but I didn't think the design was quite as exciting.  I should be getting back into the studio soon, after this rediculously long break, so expect to see some new stuff!  I am considering applying to be in an art festival in Sunset Valley, so if I want to go for that I really need to make a lot in the next couple months to get a decent amount of stock.  I also need to get started on my friends wedding vases, though I have until June to finish those.

In much more boring news, I went and got my sales tax permit yesterday!  Now I really feel like a real business :)

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Christmas, christmas presents, and christmas cats

This will be a long post since I have been a slacker and have a) not posted in forever and b) not had much to post because I've hardly been in the studio.   This is a combination of being busy, being lazy, and my back hurting.   My little brother was home for the break, and I was spending a lot of time with him, especially the last couple weeks before he went back to school on sat, and my grandma and aunt were in town for a few days a week ago.  I think also the holidays have made me feel like I'm allowed to be a little lazy :P  My back was pretty painful for a while, but last week I finally went to see a specialist, who had me get an xray (have not heard back about that yet), but more importantly he put me on celebrex, a prescription anti-inflamitory. It is AMAZING.  I feel so much better!  I was basically in pain whenever I was sitting down, it just ached almost constantly and was really stiff when I stood up after sitting for a while. Now I have almost no pain, and it is much less stiff. I am still trying to be careful with it, but man it feels so great to not hurt!

Yes I am still carving stuff every once in a while :P  I still have to paint some of the other vases.  Below are the bowls I made for my grandma before being fired. I forgot to take a photo of them finished before I gave them to her, but frankly I like them better before... They didnt turn out bad, but the yellow of the petals was so pale that it really needed an outline.  I suspected this before I fired, but I had just spent 6 hours painting pots, and I really needed to start the firing, so I did not outline them.  They are visable, but looked more striking at this stage.

One of the other rushed Christmas projects were these little cups a coworker ordered.  These were also painted with underglazes and fired in the electric kiln.  I kind of enjoyed painting on the b-mix, I think they turned out pretty well!

Christmas kitties!  Cinnamon and Sam sleeping in front of the tree :)

In case you were interested in the other forms of art I dabble in, here is an acrylic painting I did for a couple who I dog sit for.  Their oldest dog, Maggie, passed away in December, so I made this for them.  Its been forever since I've painted anything, so I was pretty pleased with out nice this turned out.  I was mostly concerned with ending up with something that was recognizable as Maggie :)