Thursday, February 25, 2010


I decided to make some bottles yesterday, mostly just because the bottle shape really appeals to me.  Unless I have something specific in my head when I start to throw, I like to start out by sketching different shapes, most of these I found online.

These are some bottles Chris has made, I particularly like the little ones with the spouts. I might try out something like that in the future.  It could be useful for something or another.

I ended up with these three. They are more jugs than bottles, and I plan on putting a little handle/loop near the top of each.  I think the first one I made turned out the best, its the front one on the right. I just liked its shape the best. The one in the back has too tall of a neck, though hopefully it will look more balanced with its handle.  The one on the left I was happy to end up with anything. It almost died on me early on, so I was proud that I managed to keep it together.  I'm going to try to concentrate on throwing more than carving for the next week or two, so we will see what comes next! (I think I'm going to switch to B-mix...).

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