Saturday, February 27, 2010

Old Sketches

Today is for old sketch book pictures! Not too old, because I don't want to show you those :P  The two drawings ended up on actual pieces, and you can see the rhinos on flickr.  I sketched both the drawings from images I found online or in books; I seem to have a talent for reproducing images I see :P

This one is from a pot that sadly did not make it through the firing, which was very sad because I was really happy with the way it looked carved.  I threw a lidded casserole dish, and these little newborn bulldog puppies were on the side, along with some surgical tools.  The mother bulldog was on the lid, all laid out for her c-section.  The lid split in half during the firing, and I still have all the pieces, so maybe I will post a picture of it at some point.  Very disappointing. But the little puppies are still cute!

These guys were from a set of plates I did that turned out rather nicely.  These were actually pen sketches; I am always shocked and how well most of my pen sketches turn out :) Baby rhinos are very odd looking.

This page is from earlier than the other two, before I started to carve on the surfaces.  I was thinking about working with altered forms, and I was really interested in somehow incorporating plants in with the pots, and also dirt.  I am still intrigued by this idea, and now that I have more technical skill I may pursue it further.

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