Friday, February 26, 2010

My 'studio'

Ryan was in the studio today, so the dogs were in. They are sweethearts and I missed them while Ryan was gone, even though they sometimes get in the way :P

This is my little 'studio'.  I have to pack everything away while I'm not working because all the table space is Ryan's, but he is okay with me using it while I am throwing, which makes things easier.  My wheel stows away under a table to the left of the picture.

I made some more jugs today; I am making it a goal to never make less than 6-8 of whatever form I am making.  Repitition helps get the hang of the form, and it lets you try out small variations and figure out which you like best.  You can see how the jugs have slightly different mouths and necks.  The little squat one with a large opening was just a mistake :P  I had to cut the neck off, and the remaining was way to thin to try and collar again, so I just left it wide.  The three in the background that are off the bats are from yesterday, so I ended up with 8 forms, 7 that were actually the jugs I wanted.

I used my awesome photoshop mouse skills to simulate the final product with these jugs.  I'm going to have some sort of pulled handle on the necks of all of them, though I am not sure if they will all attach at the top, I may try out some variations.  Also my plan for the little container, I am thinking two little lug handles and a wide cork for the opening. 

It is definitely good to get back to throwing after a couple weeks of just carving on old pots, so I am thinking I will probably stick with the simple designs until I have put some more thought into the more complex designs and developed my drawings to actually work well as wood-cut type images.

I am super excited about this set up!! It is so great to be throwing in the studio with other potters working on their stuff.  It is wonderful to feel like a part of the community.  I am also really excited that I am going to be working on the inside for this years Art of the Pot.   It is going to be interesting to see how they work to set the whole thing up, and a good experience for me!

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