Friday, October 15, 2010

Teapot carved

I got the one teapot carved :)  I am pretty happy with it, but I'm still not sure if carving the lid was a good idea.  I thought it would bring the whole piece together, but now I feel like it may have looked better plain.  We will see, its always hard to really tell how much I like it until its completely fired. 

Speaking of which, Ryan is firing tomorrow, and I'm hoping to get a lot of stuff in this one!  I have a lot of pieces that have been sitting around in the studio for a long time, and it will be great to get them done, if only to get some more shelf space.  Also, I will be going up to Southwestern University (my school up in Georgetown,Tx) for a show that Patrick Veerkamp (my old professor) is organizing a long with Chris Campbell.  It should be fun, and I am hoping to take my finished pieces up to campus to get some pictures of them with their lighting equiptment.

On a less happy note, I was very stupid and forgot to completely cover the little round teapot with the over-the-top handle.  It only went one day, but the handle was pretty cracked around the joining.  It was still not completely dry, so I jammed some wet clay into the cracks and spritzed down the whole teapot, and I am crossing my fingers.  Each time I check on it its had hairline cracks, though not nearly so big as the original ones.  I'm continuing to smear the clay together and spritz it, so I have high hopes that it will make it through the bisque when its dry.  >_<

And Afshans sister was in town with her adorable little dog, Sammy.  Sammy is the fluffiest dog ever, and looks hilarious when he is all wet.  We took him down to the greenbelt, and he was afraid of the water at first, but he eventually got in and had a blast fetching tennis balls.

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