Monday, October 11, 2010

Teapots assembled

This weekend I finally got all the teapots assembled!  I always forget how long it takes me to get everything pulled, thrown, and assembled :P  I think this one is my favorite so far; even though they are a royal pain to make, I love the way over-the-top handles look!

This little guy is the one I plan on carving in some manner.  I will try not to just make stripes :P

The following two I had to re-do :P  I made the spouts, wasnt sure I was happy with them, then looking at the pictures later that night I realized I really hated them.  So I went in the next day and fixed them up a bit.  The original spouts were just too big for the pots, and made them look really unbalanced.  I am  much happier with the final result.

This one ended up being so tall it should be interesting to see what it looks like with a wicker handle.

This is a special treat for any readers out there, you get to know a secret no one else does!  For a couple years, whenever I make a teapot, I write a little something under the spout, usually 'Bless this Teapot."  I am not particularly religious, but I have always associated tea and teapots especially with comfort and saftey, and I just like the idea of putting a blessing on a teapot :)  It's my little secret, and no one else will know unless they break their teapot :P

Birthday Kitty loves to sleep in places she probably shouldn't sleep.  I broke the mug of Patrick's that I had, and he offered to let me have one of the ones he sent down for Art of the Pot.  After I picked one out, Kitty decided the box with the other two cups would make a great bed, and clearly ceramic cups are comfy pillows :P

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