Wednesday, October 27, 2010

The Texas Clay Festival

This weekend was the Texas Clay Festival in Gruene, Texas, and it was lots of fun! Unfortionately I didn't make it down until Sunday, and while there were still plenty of pots, they were out of my sized t-shirts :( I had fun looking around at everything and hanging out with Ryan, Chris, and Keith, and meeting plenty of new people (and dogs).

I got a couple of pots, first a nice little mug by Frank Campbell and Barbara Buell. I was really tempted by a small vase with octopi carved on it, but I decided I'd rather get a few smaller items and went with these little lizard guys :)

Then I fell in love with this teapot by Randy Brodnax, and ended up using the rest of my pottery allowance on it anyways. But this fishy teapot was worth it!

In other news, I will hopefully get all of my almost finished pieces fired this weekend! Last week Ryan didn't have room for it, but he said he should get it in this time, so that's super exciting! Expect a long post with pictures of those guys. I should be doing some more throwing sometime soon, I've just been working around my regular work schedule and dealing with this lower back problem, but I hope to get some more stuff finished before EAST.

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