Saturday, February 26, 2011

Nothing terribly interesting...

So again, I don't have any actual studio pictures, so you will have to make do with my teapot with squares and my ever so curious cat, Sammy.  She thinks everything might have food in it :)  I was not the happiest with this teapot, mostly because I was frustrated with the blue glaze (it is a pain to apply, and it ended up with a very obvious overlap stripe in the middle), but its not bad, and people seem to like it on Etsy.

At the studio I still have one fountain bowl and the big plate to trim; they were both a little too wet on friday when I went in and trimmed some other pieces.  Probably the most frustrating thing about not having the studio close by (college completely spoiled me) is trying to time the drying!  I have to wrap up my pots fairly securely, because its usually at least a day or two before I will be back in the studio, and I never am positive when I will be next stopping by.  So it takes forever for things to dry, as I would rather err on the cautious side.

I also have a couple of the plates at home ready to carve, so those should be showing up in the next day or two!

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