Friday, February 18, 2011

Fountains and plates

I've been meaning to make some more fountains since I sold my first ever fountain at EAST last year (it was so awesome it sold before the show even officially started!), and I finally got started!  These will look a lot like the one in the post linked above, though I don't think either one will be quite as round as the original, and I intend to stay with the geometric carvings with these guys.

I am so happy with this platter! It is going to end up a present for a friend, and I will be doing lots of awesome carving on it!  Very excited :D  It turned out perfectly, and I think it is one of the larger plates I have ever thrown. I'm a teensy bit nervous about trimming it...

The space on my cart is getting really cramped! I haven't gotten a chance to get stuff fired in  a bit, so I have pieces that are glazed and waiting to be soda-fired, pieces that need to be bisqued because I dripped wax in the wrong place, bisqued pieces that need to be glazed, and semi-dry pieces that need to dry and be bisqued, in addition to the wet pieces!! I don't think I can really afford to throw much more until some of these pieces get finished.

(I had to stick several of the shorter ware boards in between the regular levels of the cart to fit everything in!)

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