Sunday, February 13, 2011

Plates and logo

I've been so lazy lately! I went into the studio yesterday but all I made were these two plates :P  Admittedly some of my time was spent showing the studio to a friend who stopped by while she was in town, but thats not really an excuse.  The first one I made (on the right) was perfect! The second one collapsed three separate times, and only on the third attempt to save it did I realize that was not happening, so I cut off the rim and made a smaller plate :P   Oh well. I am about to start working on some vases for a friend's wedding in June, but I want to do a test to make sure I get the size right. 

Also, the most recent draft of my prospective logo! Those wierd things in the background are my simplified take on indian paint brush :)  Anyways, this is just a draft, so I will probably put a little more detail into them before I'm done, and I need to color a version on my computer instead of just with pencils. All in all I like the way it's coming along! I really like this more stylized version of the lizard (there is an earlier version somewhere in the blog archives).

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