Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Carved Jugs

I got my business cards today!  I dont have any specific purpose for them, other than I want something to put with my pots if I sell any of them, but its very exciting :)  I got them from vistaprint.com, and it was only $15 (with shipping) for 250!  Pretty good deal :D

I got some more carving done today! I've started taking stuff home to carve, half so I don't have to drive to the studio, half so I don't have to do more work for Ryan! :P  This is one of my favorites so far, but overall I am really happy with the way the carvings are turning out.

For all of the jugs so far I have been cutting out the shapes in paper, then outlining them on the pot and then carving it out.  I like this one a lot, though I'm not really sure what the lugs are for. I don't think they would hold its weight

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