Monday, March 29, 2010

Lots of stuff

Worked on the last bottle today!  I have to admit, I sort of cheated; it's only half done :P I didn't have time to finish before work, but I wanted to post it. A new rectalinear design! (I think that would be the word).  I was thinking about carving the top a bit too, but I like the way it looks now.  I will finish it up asap, because the clay is almost too hard to carve by now.

Sat I brought my 'little' brother to the studio to give him his first ever throwing lesson! He is taking an art class and wanted to try it out as an out-of-class project.  I think my wheel is a teensy bit too small for him!

He actually did remarkably well!  His first one was going great until it completely died; something I remember all too well.. (haha, like it never happens now...).  But the second one was impressive! He managed a nice little straight-sided cylinder with a pretty even wall thickness.  The top was only a little lopsided from a thin spot he got at the bottom of the walls.

I'd say its a passing grade for his 2nd pot ever :)  Hopefully he won't get too good... I can't have him be good at science AND art.

Lastly, a good random picture.  Today I came home and found Fidget, our old ferret (the sweetist, most awesome ferret we have ever had) laying on the couch like this.  I almost thought she was dead (and I have to admit I took a picture before I poked morbid would it have been if she really was?) she was laying so weird.  But I poked her and she was still alive :P  I swear, ferrets sleep deeper than any other creature.

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