Monday, March 8, 2010

Broken bull dog pot :(

I found the pictures of my poor sad bulldog casserole before and after it died in the firing.  Here is mommy bulldog ready for her c-section. 

This piece was salt fired, you can see the little wads holding up the lid so it would not get glued shut during the firing. You can also kind of see the cute little babies.

And here you can see how the lid split in half :(  It is propped up, but it is actually in two pieces. You can also see how it flattened out completely. Poor little wrinkly bulldogs.

Mommy bulldog is sad too. I was having trouble with my pots cracking along the cuts I was making, and this was probably particularly bad because it was a lid, and wanted to flatten during the firing.  Oh well. I'm still keeping it...

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