Friday, March 12, 2010


Here was the sketch of two of my cats snuggling that I tried to carve on some of my mugs.  I ended up not very happy with the way they turned out (see earlier post), but I liked the sketch!
And more old sketchbook stuff! These were for a set I did that turned out pretty cool.  It was a dinner set that was a landscape: the horny toad was in the bowl, the plate was a harvest-ant mound, the tumbler had some native grasses carved on it, and the teacup had the horny toad eggs hidden in the center.  You can see pictures of the whole set on my flickr page.

This one was another from my senior show. It shows a great dane with bloat.  In the final piece (a large tray that I handbuilt with altered pieces) his ears stick up.

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