Monday, March 29, 2010

Next projects...

It's neat to see all the carved pieces I've been working on all out on the table together.  I am definately most happy with the designs based on straight lines.  Ryan took a look at them and said he liked them :D

So now I am going to start working on the next projects, which will be teapots, maybe some planters, and probably some sets of jars.  I saw this set at a friends house and loved them!

So I have been thinking about shapes of teapots (not so much the jars since I loved the shapes of the ones above so much), and also brainstorming new pattern ideas. Sticking with the rectalinear designs, I've ended up with some very Native-American looking designs, but I like them so far.

I started out with teapots (because I owe one to Hollen), and I started out with the simple curved shape.  These kinds of teapots make me think of the kettles you use to boil water :)  I was super happy with the way they turned out, the last time I tried a closed form (long time ago), it didnt work out so well, but these turned out great!  The cups are just going to be for some glaze tests in Ryans kiln.

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