Thursday, March 25, 2010

Milk bottle 2

Milk bottle 2 today! I still need to clean it up, but I finished the carving about 2 minutes before I needed to run off to work, so that will happen later (I hope).  I put two pictures up so you can tell that the slits are two different lenths, rather than me just carving them super uneven. 

Hopefully I will get the other two done tomorrow, or at least by Sat, then I can get some throwing done before April starts! Its going to be a little crazy since we will be getting ready for Art of the Pot, which will involve a lot of cleaning, organizing, and probably helping Ryan make some of the stuff for the show.

It will probably be busy and crazy and tiring, but I am really excited to see how putting together something like this works.  Maybe someday I will get to be a part of it :P

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