Monday, April 5, 2010

Pots and dogs

plWent in to work for a little on sat.  I was actually intending to try another teapot, but it didn't work out quite as I imagined :P  The walls got a little uneven, and try as I might I could not collar the darn thing in at the top! So I decided it would be a lidded jar instead :D Clever me...

I also tried my hand at an altered form... I cut the bottom out of this planter and when it had set for 20 min or so I squared it off and put it on a flat sheet for the base. It looks nice in the picture, but it is actually pretty messy. Not sure I will be doing this regularly.

And dogs!  All three of the girls were there, which is always fun. they ran around outside most of the time, but then they came in to hang out with me.  Addie is at the top, Lorraine is on the left and Mischa on the right.  All sweeties!

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