Tuesday, April 13, 2010

A productive day :)

I finished up the last of the tiny cups today, hopefully I will get them bisqued right away so I can get them in a soda-fire and see how Ryans glazes work with my carvings.  I should be able to get some finished stuff out pretty soon; lots of firings are happening getting ready for Art of the Pot April 8th and 9th (speaking of which, check out their spiffy new website).  

Also got my little planter carved today, which I am excited about.  I think I will be keeping this one; some of my succulents need nice pots :D I will probably be making more, though I'm not sure if I will keep on squaring them off.

I poked 5 holes in the bottom since I was making this with my succulents in mind, and they need lots of drainage!

I also got the lidded jar put together, though now it really looks like more of a casserole.  A really deep casserole.  But that could still be useful :)  I put a ridge on the handles when I threw them, but now they just look kind of lumpy.. I may wipe it smoother later on.  I think this one will probably have stripes on it too!

I got started carving my first teapot today, but I only had time to do a few stripes.  You can kind of see how it will look though, I think I'm going to leave the lid, spout, and handle uncarved, though I may carve the knob a little.  I just can't get away from the stripes, I like this design more than any of the other ones!!

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