Tuesday, April 27, 2010


I have not posted in forever!! (A week really is a long time...)  All I've got so far are some tumblers, I made four last week, and then two more today, but I was feeling TERRIBLE from allergies so I didn't make the last two (it's really no fun trying to throw when your nose is literally dripping on your pot...).  I think I will make these a matching set, just carved lines straight down, to make them a little simpler.  Maybe smaller carved lines, larger spaces? I've got to figure out how to make my pots in a more sensible amount of time :P

Ethan came in again today to trim some of his stuff.  He actually made a pretty nice little lidded jar, here he is trimming the lid.  I am so proud! He has caught on to clay amazingly fast; maybe he will be one of those cool sciency people who actually can do artistic things too :P  As long as he keeps it as a hobby... I will post a picture of his finished stuff whenever I remember to...  He also put a handle on a little cylinder he made earlier. 
Gearing up for AOTP!  I got all my bottles and small cups bisqued, hope to get most of them into Ryans firing next week so I can see some finished work!! I've been putting a lot of my old stuff on Etsy (like the above bowls), but I can't wait to put up brand new work!  Once I get a bunch of stuff up, I will start my advertising campain (ie emailing my friends/family like crazy, and maybe buying a spotlight on etsy?)

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