Wednesday, April 7, 2010


Today I was just working on the teapots.  I threw several spouts; generally I use a different shape, more like a rounded funnel, but I like the idea of the straight cone on these sort of half elipse pots.   You can see one of the teapots that I cut the lid on.  I actually threw the knob first then used an exacto knive to slowly cut the lid while it was spinning on the wheel (very slowly!).  This actually worked remarkably well, though the clay was a tad bit too wet and sticky.

I decided to do a pulled handle for at least one of these guys.   I really kind of hate pulling handles, its just takes a while and its messy and I used to mess them up a lot. I think in the last year I have actually figured out how to do it well, but its still messy.  My secret for the nice shape: while I'm drying it out I have it draped over a shape similar to what I want it to end up as. In this case, a cd holder turned sideways :P  I am pretty durn happy with the way this turned out, and I can't wait to see it carved!

I didnt actually do anything to the lidded jar yet, but it was dry enough to put the lid on, so you can use your imagination :P I will probably trim the edge a bit so it does not stick out so much, I think the pots too short to have such a large overhang.

This is actually an old picture, but I thought it was cute. Kitty was napping in a box of newspapers, and apparently she did not approve of me petting her.  She proceded to attack my hand through the box.

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