Wednesday, April 14, 2010

More with teapots

Here is teapot #2, which I decided to be lazy for and not pull a handle :P  So it has some little lugs, and will be getting a bamboo handle once it's done.  I just need to get this and the casserole carved, then I can throw some more things before maybe having to return the wheel at the end of the month. I am going to try really hard to do something other than stripes on this one.. maybe the triangles? 

And finished teapot 1!!  I love it :D Stripes are my favorite... I think the casserole will end up with them. The best part was carving around the handle and spout :P  It was a pain, but worth it! I really can't wait to get some of this stuff fired!  Hopefully I will bisque this week and then get most of it in the soda fires in the next few weeks.  I am very excited to see how the carved stuff turns out.

Another angle so you can see how neatly I carved around the handle :P Its hard to tell in the pictures, but I also shaved a bit off the lid's knob to add a bit of continuity between the pot and the lid.  I think it looks nice; hopefully it will still be noticible after being fired.  Luckily, what you can't tell is that I dropped the lid on the ground today! It was the very first thing that happened when I got in the studio; I was so mad.  I managed to smooth it back pretty well, however, so it is not very noticable even when you are looking right at it.

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