Monday, April 19, 2010

Peanut Butter!

I'm about halfway through with this teapot; every time I try to work on it I only get a few triangles done before I'm interrupted.  It should be interesting when I finish it; I'm wondering if I should have carved out the lines, rather than the triangles.  Its sort of overkill with all the carving... who knows.  I think it will end up with sort of a  zig-zag look, even though I was actually thinking about the triangles when I drew the shapes on.

Just because she is adorable, this is my hedgehog, Peanut Butter. I've had her since October of last year, and she is a sweetie!  She's not a huge fan of strangers, but she likes to sit on my lap (preferably under a towel) while I read .

She is also not very coordinated.  She was sitting on my lap and started very slowly tilting backwards. She eventually rolled off and poofed into a spike ball.  I guess it startled her even though she didn't do anything to stop rolling...

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