Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Teapot 2

I don't seem to be capable of doing things simply... I am fairly happy with the way this turned out, but it is really busy looking with all the carved space.  We will see what it looks like once it's fired.  I still need to poke a hole in the lid.. hopefully I remember before it drys :P

Just another view. You can see the triangle pattern that my prof taught me and I have used ever since :) 

I know I promised to make this a photo blog, but I am super excited about this coming summer!  It's looking to be a busy one; I'm going to be acting as Ryans sub at the Dougherty arts center, so for a couple months I will probably be firing the kiln there, and possibly teaching a bit; plus I will probably be teaching/assisting with summer classes at Clayways too. It's good to be making connections and doing work related to clay!  I really could not have thought of a better situation to end up in after I graduated :)

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