Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Art of the Pot!

What a fun day!  I helped out at Ryan's studio on sat morning, mostly taking payements and wrapping up pots that people had bought.  The studio looked great will all the pots set up!

Ryan has the coolest shelves... I want some. They are made out of a wood back that just leans against the wall, and these super heavy metal shelves that stick into slits in the wood.  Super simple, but they look great! The shelves are rediculously heavy though...

I also got some pots sat!! Two of the potters at Ryans studio actually gave me cups for free (I did try to buy them first...) which was super nice.  This one was from Ted Adler, and I love it!  It was slip cast and salt-fired.  I like the pink inside, it makes me think of seashells (Dad says it looks like an intestine :P ). 

This was another free one, by Brenda Lichman.  Very nice little teabowl, we actually got my mom a mug version for m-day. I love the flashing and the glaze interaction.

This is a bad picture, but I love this little tiny mug! Not very useful in terms of drinking, but I'm sure I could find stuff to put in it.  It was made by Amy Halko.   I like the minimalist design, and the textures (the white stripes are actually bare porcelain.

This last teabowl I got from Mark Shapiro, and I think it is probably my favorite.  I think thanks to Veerkamp, I have a fondness of traditional style teabowls.  I love its shape and the textures on the outside. 


Mark said he has to throw these very wet to get the heavy throw lines on the inside, and I love the effect!  Texture is one of my big things and I love it on this piece.

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