Thursday, May 13, 2010

More tumblers and some fired pots

I like making tumblers, they are quick! ...Relatively so.  Its only been taking me 45 min or so to carve the stripe ones. I have been thinking about other designs, but they would all take longer to carve, so I am trying to think up other ideas.  I'm thinking about just altering the pots rather than carving, or keeping the designs, but painting them on or something like that.   Something so that I can produce them faster, and then charge less for them!

I got the last of the tumblers carved this afternoon.  There weer originally going to be 8, but I never got around to throwing the last two, so 6 it is.

Also, a few more things I got out of the kiln:  these cups got quite a bit more salt than the other one I took a picture of.  I don't really like how much orange peel these got (the bumpy look the glaze gets); and the carvings don't stand out quite as much.  But it's not terrible.

Another bottle, this one had a flashing slip on it.  Again, I'm not a huge fan of the parts that got a lot of salt, it makes it so much lighter.  But again, its alright.

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