Friday, May 7, 2010

Kiln opening!

Ryan opened the kiln today!  In his opinion, "you gotz sum NIZZ3 pot_z over here" :P  I am pretty happy with the results.  I still don't like the carved cat pieces very well, but I do like them better than before now that they are glazed.  I think Ryan's Blue Black Orange glaze is my favorite on the stoneware.

I am really pretty happy with most of the stuff, the G/B/O glaze looks great on the carved pieces.  They ended up a little darker than I imagined, but I think it looks pretty good.


The bowls and the carved cups turned out really nicely.

This little jug had a dark blue glaze on it, but the glaze was super duper thick when I put it on, and I ended up wiping and shaking some of it off... so it may turn out a little odd once I have it out of the kiln :P

And some of the glazes on b-mix cups, the dark blue on the left and the g/b/o on the right. I still really like Ryan's glaze, the difference in color between the carved and flat surfaces is wonderful!

One of these is plain clay, one of them has a flashing slip on it, and I can't even tell the difference!  The porcelain and b-mix pieces I salt-fired at school generally had a lot more flashing on them. I dont really like them plain in this firing.

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