Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Teabowls and tumblers

I've gotten a few pots done this week!  I'm throwing some stuff to try out my underglaze/wax resist designs, hopefully this will result in stuff I can make faster and sell cheaper :)  Today I threw some little teabowls, I promise they will look better once I get the bases trimmed.  I may do some stripes on these, or more complicated designs.  Ryan has some cups with stripes, so I kind of want to try to not get too close to his designs.

Monday I made some short tumblers.  I am hoping for some great results from the tumblers since they are so darn easy to throw, and require practically no trimming.

And because this obviously is 1/2 a dog blog, my friend just adopted an dog!! Her name is Aida and she is adorable!

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