Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Lots of cups!

The tumblers and teabowls are trimmed!  I loaded a big bisque today, so these will be ready to paint/wax resist soon! I am excited to see how the turn out; hopefully I will be happy with them so I have something pretty that doesn't take an hour to decorate.

One of my Aunts requested that I make some wine glasses/goblets for her, which I have never tried before!  The tops were fairly easy, I just did simple shallow bowls rather than a taller cup, but the bases were a pain! I havn't really ever tried to make something really skinny AND have a wide top!  The clay doesn't really like it.  I threw all of these off the hump, which is always fun.

More dogs! The brown/golden one has been in before, but I don't remember his name :P He is sweet and very hyper.

Today I went in and got the goblets all put together. Not the prettiest ever, but they should look better once they are glazed.  Havn't decided if I'm going to carve on these yet.

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